Combining Sencha Touch ExtJS in your project BonCode

Agenda. • Hello World. • What is Sencha Touch. • MVC anyone? • What is Architect (Why / Fit / History). • Prototyping stages. • Demo Project. • Getting Started .


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An overview of the ExtJS JavaScript Framework

Support Libraries DOM selection/manipulation Events Utilities AJAX Layouts and Containers Forms Data Stores.


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PC KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS - Stanford University

PC KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Alt Ctrl Shift Esc cycles through open programs Tab cycles through open applications Spacebar Control menu (maximize, minimize ....


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ACE: CQ 5.5 Lead Developer - Adobe Systems

Exam preparation The ACE: CQ Lead Developer 5.5 exam audience are individuals with two years’ experience in CQ, who have completed a minimum of one complex, or two ....


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Automating Your Builds with Maven, Hudson and Nexus

Maven, Hudson and Nexus Maven Software project management tool that... ...can make your project easy to build and encourage consistency and modularization..


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Next Generation Web Application Architecture

SATURN 2013 Processing Request with Push Response Design Pattern 32 Adapted from J. Christensen, Using REST Web-Services and Cloud Computing to Create Next Generation ....


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David Durieux <d.durieux@siprossii.com> Goneri Le Bouder´

About us: Goneri Le Bouder´ Free software enthusiast I FusionInventory project co-leader I Debian Developer I Perl Monger I Former OCS Inventory developer.


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Juniper Networks Secure Access Release Notes 7

Juniper Networks Secure Access Release Notes IVE Platform Version 7.2R4 Build #21697 This is an incremental release notes describing the changes made from 7.2R1.1 ....


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The Google Web Toolkit (GWT): JavaScript Native Interface ...

Testing in Production Mode – R-click project, Google GWT Compile • Or click project and then press red toolbox at top – Then, change URL by erasing ?gwt.codesvr=….


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CQ5 WCM Developer's Guide - dev.day.com

CQ in-depth Page 3 of 72 CQ 5.1 WCM Copyright 1993-2008 Day Management AG 2.8 Sling Request Processing 2.8.1 Introduction to Sling CQ5 is built using Sling, a Web ....


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Date: 18th January 2014 Registration Time: 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Page | 1 TATA Consultancy Services Ltd Invites candidates to walk-in to any of TCS offices & explore career opportunities in various SAP modules across multiple ....


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